Splurge once, wear them forever. This was a lesson I learned back when I was clicking my heels down the halls of Conde Nast – that part of my career is well gone but the shoes I bought back then survive. We’re talking simple pumps in a pop color or print. I now mostly pair them with boyfriend jeans and a tee instead of with a fitted Givenchy dress, and the truth is they look so much better with the former anyway. Throughout the years I’ve procured countless trendy shoes but in realizing that I always go back to my neon pink Jimmy Choos, I’ve begun to shop smarter. So allow me to impart some fashion wisdom on you: buying a plain old pair of stilettos may not give you the same shopping rush as those amazing Isabel Marant sandals you spotted on the runway, but you will wear the living hell out of them and they’ll be your go-tos for years to come. Plus, there’s nothing boring about them – they’re as sexy as shoes get.

They will also breathe new life into items in your closet you never thought to wear with heels. Sweats (yes, you heard right), track pants and denim all suddenly become ridiculously chic and nighttime ready when paired with one of these brightly-colored beauties. And talk about mood-lifters – I can’t help but smile when I wear my vibrant citrine stilettos on a gloomy Monday morning. As I dash out the door my youngest daughter trails behind me looking at those shoes like they’re pure magic. I share the sentiment.

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