With all that’s on sale right now for MINIs, who has time to sort through it all to chose what’s really worth it? Worse yet, you don’t sort through it at all and just end up piling a bunch of stuff into your cart that neither you nor your daughter will love (or even like) a few weeks down the road. Yup, guilty of that one. I’m still trying to talk my 5-year old into wearing half of the sale “bounty” I splurged on this fall. Kind of defeats the whole purpose of buying on sale…

So let’s take the waste of the equation and focus on the items that she will adore and you won’t regret when you open that box. I can vouch that all these items are MINI-pleasers as I bought them pre-sale earlier this winter (ouch!) and they’re pieces my two girls adore. I may not have won out here but you most definitely can!

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